I want to thank A World Without Barriers, and its organisers for this amazing opportunity to help the orphans and widows.  It’s quite often a dream of many people to use their skills to help others, and it’s great to see the dream become a reality.  To anyone who has ever thought about doing something like this, I would say ‘go for it!’  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  I’d like to thank the volunteers, the HCP/Medics group that was full of healthcare professionals and non healthcare professionals, who have become like a second family.   We are now friends for life!  I could not have asked to have volunteered with a better group of volunteers.  You have all done yourselves proud and helped to make a huge difference to the lives of the less privileged and less fortunate who despite their poverty, maintained exemplary manners, self respect, and dignity.  Let’s make sure that this is just the start!  I hope to see many of you and volunteer with you in the future.  For now, I bid you all adieu!

By Zainab W
April 2016


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