The last day of our trip with A World Without Barriers and what an action packed day it was!

najaf-38Many of the patients at the clinic today were some cheeky young chappies.  We had bubbles enjoyed by HCPs and children alike.  Our first test being a young boy who was in tears at the start, but eventually with the help of our bubbles we managed to get a smile out of him!  We treated what we could, and referred what needed referral for extra scans or physiotherapists.

At the end of the clinic, a crowd of children gathered and my day ended with a giant group hug which left me with a lump in my throat.  To make a child smile, especially an orphan is something special.  And if we have even made an atoms worth of difference in their lives the trip was worth it!  Unfortunately, we then had to leave the clinic and part with the wonderful interpreters.  Thanks to each and every one of them who helped make our work so much easier!  It means a lot for them to have given up their time to help us and the orphans. We could not have carried out our work without their help.

By Zainab W
April 2016


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