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We have many orphans waiting to be sponsored. It breaks our heart when orphans visit our office every month to ask if a sponsor has offered to help them.

No orphan should have to go without basic human necessities such as food, clothing and an education. For just £25 (GBP) / $30 (USD) a month you can help to build an orphan’s future. Your contribution will help to provide their basic necessities such as food, clothes, and a state education.

We have many cases of seriously ill orphans that need to be seen by a health care professional and many will need specialist treatment and operations.

In order to maintain equality and fairness between orphans, we allocate orphans based on their order on the waiting list, instead of their gender or any other criteria. This ensures that all orphans are treated equally and fairly and the one waiting the longest is sponsored first.

Your contribution will help to save lives. Be awesome and sponsor an orphan today.

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