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A World Without Barriers (WWB) is an independent, voluntary, not for profit and non-governmental organisation. Our intention is to help everyone on the basis of humanity, with the main focus being placed on helping orphans, the needy, the destitute and the most vulnerable worldwide. Our aim is to bring the plight of the poor to you to help change lives.

We do not differentiate on the grounds of faith, race, culture, tradition, or colour. In our view, we are all one people who share the same planet, a planet that if you were to observe from space, has no barriers, no borders, and whose resources are for everyone, hence the name ‘A World Without Barriers’.

We remain independent by staying away from all forms of politics and this helps us to work independently and sincerely.

Koot, Iraq Orphan Appeal

An emotional plea from the staff of a school in Koot, Iraq where almost a third of the students are orphans. If you can help, please click on the Donate button.

BBC Interview

A BBC Interview with our Lead Dentist Sayed Mozaffari about his extraordinary work with orphans and widows in Iraq. [04/01/17]


We continue to deliver aid in the most destroyed towns of Yemen. The destruction there is nothing short of heart-breaking. People are living in makeshift tents in the streets and go days without a morsel of food.  Cholera is spreading due to the lack of drinking water and their future simply looks bleak.


If you’d like to help, you can do so here. We have zero admin fees so 100% of your donation will go towards this worthy cause.

BBC Radio 5 Interview

Listen to a Radio Interview on BBC Radio 5 Live with presenter Adrian Chiles and A World Without Barriers’ authorised representatives Doctor Abbas Tejani (GP) and Mohammad Mozaffari (GDP & Lead Dentist) about the charity’s Medical Aid Camps, the challenges faced, and the poverty and destitution experienced in Iraq. The people of Iraq suffer in silence and have very little outside help.


“When we arrived in Haidariyya, I won’t forget the sight that I saw which was about 1000 people queuing outside. There were 4 GPs in the group when I went last April. Between the 4 of us, in 6 hours, we had to see a thousand people which if you calculate it, it works out to be about 1 patient every 1.5 to 2 minutes. It’s something that I never had to deal with, ever. I don’t know how we managed to do it, but we managed seeing everyone that turned up.”    (Dr Abbas Tejani)


When our medical team met Zainab in the clinic in Najaf earlier this week, she was struggling to look at people because she didn’t have an eye. She said that she has been bullied because of her eye and even called a freak by other children. She told us that she never looks in the mirror as she finds it too upsetting.


We referred Zainab immediately for lens replacement and she received her new lens a few days later. A beautiful ending to a very sad story ❤.

A World Without Barriers Medical Aid Tour

A World Without Barriers campaign established a medical tour with the motive of aiding and supporting the orphans, widows, and displaced citizens of Karbala City. Numerous doctors, optometrists, and dentists from the United Kingdom began their humanitarian initiative in Najaf and ended at the Development and Relief Foundation in Karbala.


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